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Technology and Co-Parenting: How to Better Co-parent in the Digital Age

By August 26, 2019Child Custody
Tech co parenting

Technology plays a pivotal role in our everyday lives now more than ever before. In this digital age of mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPads, and even smart watches, the use of technology is integrated into everything that we do at work and at home.

Co-parents with both good and bad relationships use technology to communicate with one another, but it is how they use the technology that is important. For example, there are many different ways individuals can use technology to sabotage a co-parenting relationship in the midst of, or after, a divorce. However, technology can also be used to promote a healthy co-parenting relationship between parents.

Using mobile apps can help keep co-parents stay organized when it comes to children’s homework, school or extracurricular activities, doctor appointments, and expenses.

Here are a few pieces of technology that can make co-parenting more effective:


Google Calendar

Features: Create a separate calendar for kids’ activities as well as automatic reminders and repeated events.



Features: Shared calendar, care arrangements, expense recorder, and group news feed.

Price: $5.99


Features: Online and mobile communication, custody calendar, shared, communication/journal, expense tracker, shared documents, files and photos, co-parent contact Information and a free children’s account.

Price: 30 day free trial, $9.99/month or $99/year per parent.


Features: Calendar, finance tool, instant messaging, information bank, photo album, and journal.

Price: 14 day free trial, $12.50/month for an annual family plan.

Our Family Wizard

Features: Calendar, message board, journal, expense log, info bank, mobile app., and a free children’s account.

Price: 30 day free trial, $9.99/month or $99/year per parent.

Cozi Family Organizer

Features: Family calendar, to-do lists, family journal, and mobile app.

FREE * Can upgrade to Cozi Gold for $19.99 per year.


Having a positive co-parenting relationship is one of the most important challenges a divorced couple will face. If you are able to keep up with new technological advances and apply the right tools, you will find that maintaining a positive relationship with your co-parent is less stressful.


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