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After Divorce Checklist

After Divorce Checklist

Congratulations, you have made it to the finish line of the divorce process! While you begin a new chapter in life and focus on moving forward, it is important to make sure every loose end is tied. That is why we have put together the following After Divorce Checklist to help you get started on the right foot.

✅ Review Your Divorce Decree – Once you have received your final divorce decree, we recommend that you read—and re-read—it, and any accompanying Marital Settlement Agreement, in detail to ensure that you and your ex-spouse have satisfied everything accordingly.

✅ Cancel Joint Accounts and Create New Ones – Close the accounts that you share with your ex-spouse and open a separate credit card account in order to make small purchases and start building your credit score.

✅ Update Your Insurance Coverage – Many couples use the same company and agent for their automobile, home, and life insurance. We recommend calling your agent to discuss whether you can obtain your own insurance policies and reaching out to your health insurance provider to make any necessary changes.

✅ Create a New Estate Plan – Create or update your will, trusts, power of attorney directives, and beneficiaries to reflect your divorce and avoid leaving your entire estate to your ex-spouse.

✅ Contact an Accountant to Discuss Your Taxes – Once the divorce is finalized, you can no longer can file your taxes jointly. Reach out to an accountant or tax preparer to help you resolve any tax issues that arise.

✅ Change Names of Deeds and Titles –Ensure you and/or your ex-spouse transfer any ownership of deeds and titles and remove your ex-spouse’s name or yours from the mortgage according to the divorce decree.

✅ Change Your Name – If you want to change your name back to your maiden name, you must do so at the Social Security Office. Here is a helpful guide for Changing Your Name Post-Divorce in Maryland.

Staying organized with our After Divorce Checklist can help you prevent future headaches and work as a guide while you are taking care of these things sooner rather than later. If you know someone who is going through a separation or divorce, have them contact Jacobson Family Law today at 443-741-1147 or visit our website