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Before Divorce Checklist

Before Divorce Checklist

When it comes to navigating through your divorce, the ability to stay level headed and organized can increase your chances of a good outcome. Whether the issues arising in the divorce are simple or complex, you should consider using this handy Before Divorce Checklist before moving forward. We have put together the following checklist, which lays out the information you need to prepare for divorce, to keep you organized and on track.

✅ Hire an Attorney – It is strongly recommended that you hire an attorney to assist you in the divorce process. A “Do-It-Yourself” divorce can lead to an unfair outcome and can be very risky if you are unsure of the necessary court proceedings. But, be sure that you hire an attorney who is aligned with your goals and not their own personal agenda.

✅  Hire a divorce coach – A divorce coach can help you create an action plan and work with you to build strategies and tools to help you make fully informed decisions during the divorce process.

✅  Consider Whether You Can Resolve Your Divorce Without Court Intervention – Keep in mind that you do not have to rely on the court to make decisions for you and your spouse. There are several Maryland Divorce Process Options to consider such as Mediation, Separation Agreements and Collaborative Divorce, that minimize the stress and the financial hardship of litigation.

✅  If You Have Minor Children, Prepare for the New Parenting Arrangement – Parents who can amicably discuss and decide on a Parenting Plan, may ultimately avoid the extra cost, stress, and reliance on the court.

✅  Compile Essential Documents – Personal information, marriage documents, financial documents, tax and income documents, real estate documents, insurance policies, bank account information, investment and retirement information, etc.

✅  Take Steps to Separate Your Life – If you have not yet physically separated, discuss options with your spouse for a new living situation. If you have children, familiarize yourselves with the different options for the child/children’s custodial access schedule.

Staying organized with our Before Divorce Checklist allows you to break things down into more manageable tasks so that you do not feel overwhelmed by everything all at once. Jacobson Family Law is committed to Keeping the Drama Out of your Divorce by avoiding lengthy, drawn-out court proceedings and helping you find resolutions best suited for your needs. If you have questions or are interested in pursuing a Maryland divorce without going to court, contact us today at 443-741-1147 or Schedule a Consultation.