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Custody and Child Support Changes

changes expected

During this year’s short legislative session, the Maryland Legislature passed several important bills that will impact custody and child support in Maryland. Therefore, parents should be aware that changes to Maryland Shared Physical Custody and Child Support are expected to occur very soon.


Under the current law, Maryland shared physical custody is effective when the non-custodial parent has the child(ren) for more than 128 overnights, or 35%, of the year. If not vetoed by Governor Hogan, shared physical custody will become effective when the non-custodial has the child(ren) for more than 92 overnights, or 25%, of the year.


This change will, in turn, impact the amount of child support parents will pay under the Maryland child support guidelines and will be based on the number of overnights a parent has with the child over 92 overnights per year.


Unless vetoed by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, this bill will become effective October 1, 2020 and will apply to all cases filed on or after that date.


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