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Divorcing your Live-In Spouse During Quarantine

Divorcing your Live In pouse During a Quarantine copy

The coronavirus pandemic has many people asking: how does COVID-19 affect me and my soon-to-be ex-spouse? Living with your ex can be difficult to begin with, but when you add a full-blown quarantine to the mix, even the most amicable of situations can be tested. Following a few simple guidelines can help keep things civil if your goal is Divorcing your Live-In Spouse During Quarantine:


  • Make your own space. While following Maryland guidelines and remaining quarantined, it is important to designate your own space within your home. A room or office space dedicated to you and you only, allows privacy while you and your spouse continue taking time apart. If you are unable to separate yourself in the home when space is needed, utilize the surrounding outdoor area.


  • Practice self-care. Whether it is texting a friend or family member, meditating, hiking, coloring, drawing, writing, etc., taking the time to focus on both your mental and physical well-being will prove beneficial. Keep in mind that if you are used to seeing a therapist in person, ask if you’re able to continue your sessions remotely during quarantine.


  • Stay tuned in with your support system. You may feel lonely during this time, even with your ex under the same roof. Schedule video calls with friends and family to make up for not seeing them. Facetime, Zoom, and Skype are great resources for chatting remotely for free.


  • Consult with your attorney. If you have questions throughout the divorce process while stuck in quarantine, your attorney can assist you. Staying up to date with how COVID-19 may affect your divorce proceedings can eliminate the stress of not knowing what comes next.


  • Consider online divorce mediation. Being cooped up in quarantine with your ex can cause emotions to rise. If new issues relating to your divorce come up, a professional mediator can help guide you through these issues together and get your divorce back on track.


This is a confusing time, and many of us are being faced with situations we never expected. If you have questions about Divorcing your Live-In Spouse During a Quarantine, Jacobson Family Law can be your resource. Schedule an appointment or call us at (443) 744-1147 – we can help.