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How Child Support May be Impacted in Maryland if Pending Bills Pass

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The Maryland legislative session is in full swing and that means many bills are up for vote. During this session, there are several bills that would have drastic impacts on how Maryland child support would be calculated.

  • Number of overnights – Under the current law, there are two child support guidelines that the courts use. The first is the sole or primary custody guidelines. The second is the shared physical custody guidelines where both parents have the child(ren) at least 128 overnights (or 35%). Under the proposed law, shared physical custody would start at 92 overnights (or 25%), but not more than 109 (30%).
  • Extraordinary medical expenses – The proposed law would define an “extraordinary medical expense” as more than $250 in any calendar year compared to the current $100.
  • Other children in the home – The current law does not address the fact that many parents have children from multiple partners. If you have multiple children that you care for, under the proposed law, you would receive a credit for support for each additional child.
  • Affordability of child support – The court would be allowed to consider whether a person would be below the poverty line after paying child support.
  • The age child support ends to be extended – Under the proposed law, child support would continue for children enrolled in education after high school until age 21 instead of the current ending at 18.
  • Increase in support – The proposed child support guidelines would adjust the monthly support amounts and extend the guidelines from combined income of $15,000 to $30,000 per month.

The end of the Maryland legislative session is fast approaching and we will continue to follow the progress of these potential new laws and how they may impact you and your family.

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