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How to Keep Drama Out of Your Divorce

How to Keep the Drama Out of Divorce 2

It is no secret that the word “Divorce” is commonly spoken as if it is a “dirty word”. What many people do not know is that a peaceful divorce is in fact possible with the right tools. If you or your spouse recently made the difficult decision to end your marriage, here are some tips on what you can do to keep the drama out of your divorce:

    • Get Organized – Begin to gather information and documentation so that you are informed of your financial situation.
    • Work with a Divorce Coach – A divorce coach will work with you to emotionally support you through the divorce process and help you be organized prior to meeting with your attorney. Working with a divorce coach can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by helping you stay on task and answering any non-legal questions you may have.
    • Choose a Peaceful Divorce Process OptionDivorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce are both great options in settling your divorce in an amicable and healthy way. They allow you and your spouse to be in charge of how you divide your property as well as how you co-parent your children.
    • Hire a Divorce Attorney With Similar Values – It is important that you choose a lawyer that matches the type of divorce process you choose. You do not want to hire a “shark” attorney if you are looking to keep the drama out of your divorce, as they will likely escalate the conflict between you and your spouse.
    • Keep the Blame Out of It – It is important not to blame one another for the decision to Divorce. Regardless of the factors that led you here, understand that the time for blame has passed and the temptation to blame is not productive.
    • Focus on the Bigger Picture – Before you get wrapped up discussing every detail of the divorce with your spouse, make sure you take the time to remember what is most important to you. What do you want and need MOST and what are your non-negotiables. That way, you won’t get caught up in the unnecessary drama and will have the clarity to tackle negotiations in a more peaceful, focused manner.
    • Good Faith Negotiations – The quickest way to turn your divorce into a stressful and financially damaging disaster is to hide assets or under-report your income. Be open and honest with your attorney and spouse. Transparency is your friend.


If you are thinking about getting a Divorce, contact Jacobson Family Law at 443-741-1147 or Schedule an Appointment. We keep the Drama out of Divorce.