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Modifying an Existing Maryland Child Support Agreement or Court Order

Modifying an Existing Maryland Child Support Agreement

Child support in Maryland is established to ensure that children receive the financial support they need after their parents’ separation or divorce. However, there are circumstances that may warrant the modification of an existing Maryland child support agreement or court order. Here are some common reasons why a child support agreement might need to be modified:

    1. Change in Income: If either parent experiences a significant change in income, such as a job loss, pay cut, or increase in income, it may be necessary to adjust the child support payments to reflect the new financial circumstances.
    2. Change in Custody Arrangement: If the custody arrangement changes, with the child spending more time with one parent than before, this could impact the financial responsibilities of each parent. Child support may need to be recalculated to reflect the new custody arrangement.
    3. Change in Child’s Needs: If the child’s needs change due to factors like health issues, education costs, or childcare, the child support amount might need to be adjusted to reflect these new expenses.
    4. Educational Expenses: As children grow older, they may incur higher educational expenses, such as tuition, books, and other educational supplies. A modification may be needed to address these increasing costs.
    5. Emancipation of the Child: Child support obligations typically change when a child reaches a certain age, such as when they graduate from high school or reach the age of majority in their jurisdiction.

How to Modify A Child Support Agreement in Maryland

If you believe your child support agreement needs to be modified, you can amicably negotiate the modification of child support either in mediation or with the assistance of an attorney. Alternatively, you can file a motion with the court to change the support order or contact the Office of Child Support Enforcement.

It’s important to note that child support modifications generally need to be approved by a court, and the specific requirements for modification vary by jurisdiction. If you believe that your child support agreement needs to be modified due to any of the reasons stated above, contact Jacobson Family Law today to book your consultation.

If you are seeking child support, paying child support or need to modify or terminate child support, this comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about calculating child support in Maryland. To purchase Jacobson Family Law’s guide to Understanding Child Support in Maryland, click HERE.