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What is the Role of a Collaborative Divorce Coach?

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The Collaborative Divorce process is a client-centered form of alternative dispute resolution, which enables clients, with the help of their attorneys and supporting professionals, to create positive outcomes in a divorce or separation. The clients, attorneys and any professionals involved in a collaborative divorce form a “team”. For example, the collaborative team may include professionals on an as-needed basis such as a divorce coach, child specialist, financial neutral, business evaluator, or real estate agent/mortgage broker.

Typically, each collaborative divorce team has at least one, and possibly two, divorce coaches. A divorce coach is a mental health professional with many years of experience in working with families going through transitions such as separation and divorce. The main role of a collaborative divorce coach is to work with clients to help them gain control over the overwhelming emotions that can be triggered by separation and divorce and to assist with developing a parenting plan, which will serve as a road map for a strong co-parenting relationship.

Divorce coaches have specific knowledge in child development and can help the parties peacefully transition from their lives together into two separate households. Generally, a divorce coach starts by identifying their client’s goals for their divorce and provides the parties with the professional resources they need to make decisions with a child-centered focus.

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