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Helping Your Children to Cope with Your Divorce

Cope With Divorce

Divorce is probably not something you had anticipated or planned for and ending your relationship with your spouse can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. Understandably, it can also be an upsetting and confusing process for your children to navigate. While you are learning about the process of divorce, here are some useful things to remember when Helping Your Children to Cope with Your Divorce.

Focus on your child’s needs – When you are negotiating with your spouse about custody or property issues, try to think about how these decisions will affect your child. Will your child be able to remain at their current school? Is it possible for them to remain in the marital home? How do they handle change – do they typically go-with-the-flow or do they thrive on routine? In most situations, it is best to keep things as consistent as possible for your child so that they can feel stable and secure.

Seek out any services that can help your child – If your child is having trouble coping with the divorce and experiencing any anxiety about the changes in their life, try to find a professional who is skilled is working with children. A therapist or counselor can provide strategies to help your child work through their confusing emotions in a healthy way.

Be open and honest (in an age appropriate manner) with your child – For many children, the fear of the unknown can be scarier than the truth. When they have questions, try to answer them openly and honestly in a way that they can understand. Be willing to be open about your own emotions and how these new changes are affecting you. It’s okay to admit that you feel sad, but reassure them that they will always be safe and loved. Children will take their cues from you and if you show them it is normal and necessary to express your emotions in a healthy way, they will be better able to do the same.

Work hard to co-parent peacefully – The level of conflict between parents is the most important factor in predicting how children will fare far after their parents’ divorce. If you want to protect your children from the negative effects of your divorce, avoid conflict with their other parent. Do not disparage your ex around your children or put them in the middle of your conflicts.

At Jacobson Family Law, our goal is to help you navigate your divorce without the drama or stress. We can provide referrals for services for your children and have many options including mediation and negotiation to handle your divorce. Contact us today to speak to someone about Helping Your Children to Cope with Your Divorce and schedule your consultation by calling 443-741-1147 or schedule on our website.