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house on fire

Imagine you are in a marriage where your spouse verbally and/or financially abuses you for years. They call you names, belittle you in front of the kids, and say you are a bad parent and spouse. They have physical and emotional affairs with other individuals throughout your marriage. You choose to stay in the marriage because you want to ensure that your kids are raised in a family with both parents.

Now, let’s imagine that you are in a house. The house catches on fire. You now have to make a choice. It can be a good choice, a better choice, or the best choice.

The good choice is that your kids survive, but you die in the house and the house burns down because you sacrifice yourself to save your kids.

The better choice is that you and your kids survive, but you lose the house.

The best choice is that you and your kids are able to walk out of the house safely and you’re able to save the house.

Now, consider the fact that the house is your marriage.

In order to make the best choice, your spouse has to be willing to change their behaviors. If they are not willing to do that, then you are left with the better and good choices to pick from.

You can also pick the fourth option, which is a bad choice. The bad choice here is that neither you nor your kids survive and the house burns down.

Are you ready to make the difficult choice save yourself and the kids, even if it means that you have to sacrifice your marriage? If so, schedule a consultation with an attorney at Jacobson Family Law today so we can help you get out of the burning house. Starting over does not have to be a bad thing.